SIMSIM Hardware

Modern and Secure hardware to provide frictionless,
touchless access with enhanced safery features.

SIMSIM Hardware

SIMSIM hardware is sleek, modern, and easy to install. Smart Readers communicate to Controllers using standard wiring, and all signals are encrypted. Our advanced system has you covered with wellness features and touchless capabilities, plus the option to customize a solution to fit your unique needs.

SIMSIM Smart Reader

SIMSIM Readers use Patented Tech to provide fast and touchless access. They are designed to work with mobile credentials and a variety of card credentials.


The smallest mobile reader designed to fit for any space


Designed and engineered to bring a full-featured mobile access reader to your doors

SIMSIM Controller

Customize your access control system, starting with Simsim Controllers that securely make all entry decisions. Designed to be modular and expandable, with support for a single door and up to 24 entries on a single Controller.

Access Core

The Access Core works with expansion boards to support up to 24 entries and securely make all entry decisions.

Expansion Boards

Start with an Access Core, then add expansion boards to fit your needs.

Cloud-based ingenuity

Learn more about Openpath’s cloud-based software and powerful feature set.

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